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Jessica Culberson, M.A.T.

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Eric Pantano, Ed.S.

Welcome to InspirEd Strategies, where innovation meets education! We are a forward-thinking educational consulting company dedicated to empowering educators with cutting-edge instructional methods. From flipped learning approaches that turn traditional teaching on its head to hybrid grading structures that promote holistic student development, we provide tailored solutions to enhance classroom engagement and outcomes. Our expertise extends to the realm of science methodologies, ensuring teachers are equipped with the latest strategies to inspire curiosity and foster critical thinking in their students. At InspirEd Strategies, we believe in unlocking the full potential of every learner through dynamic and effective teaching practices.

Jess has taught both middle and high school science in public and private schools in Illinois, California and Wisconsin. Her teaching passions include, facilitating engaging labs, implementing hybrid standards based grading systems, utilizing flipped learning and making science connect to students' everyday lives. Recently Jess has been mentoring pre-service elementary teachers to help start them off with a solid science foundation. Jess lives in Madison, WI with her husband and two children. In her free time she enjoys reading, going to the gym and anything crafty, especially making quilts.

Over his 32-year teaching career, Eric has taught at both secondary and higher education levels in Texas, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin. He has taught all levels of chemistry, including Advanced Placement and university-level chemistry, genetic biotechnology, and forensic science. An early adopter of flipped learning, his focus is on "Flipped and Active Science", a hands-on approach to learning where class time is used for the application of concepts, and most direct instruction happens at home. When he is not teaching, Eric is an active Freemason, and trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu.